Scene view picking and more!

A bunch of changes gearing up for release:

  • Clicking on raymarched objects in the Scene View window now selects them.
  • GameObjects get renamed from the defaults "Sphere" and "Blend," etc. when you change their raymarching snippets.
    • Only happens if the names "match" and you don't have more than one object/material/blend on the GameObject.
  • Removed beta object previews.
  • Customize where generated shaders get placed in your project.
    • See the new "More Preferences..." button in the Raymarcher component to customize this.
  • Added a new "Toggle" snippet input type for boolean values
  • Cleaned up unused and broken snippets in the Examples/ folder.

Thanks to @thnewlands for lots of good feedback!


RaymarchingToolkit_Unity_2017.unitypackage 6 MB
Version 3 Mar 06, 2018

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