VR support

Hey folks! I just posted a new build that should fix issues with stereo rendering on different headsets.

I tested both OpenVR and Oculus SDKs, with multi-pass and single-pass rendering enabled.

You should be able to load any of the example scenes, and make sure "Virtual Reality Supported" is checked in your Player Settings:

One thing to know: if you already made your own override Template.shader files, they'll need to change. See the updated RaymarchTemplate.shader for the newer, slimmed down version of the template, or this gist for the changes to RaymarchTemplate.shader.

Enjoy and please post in the forums if you run into any issues!

(Turns out XR support in Unity is really complicated! Sometimes you're rendering one eye, then the other eye. And sometimes you're rendering both eyes simultaneously. If you're doing unconventional rendering in Unity this turns out to be non-trivial set of configurations to support!)


RaymarchingToolkit_Unity_2017.unitypackage 6 MB
Version 15 May 14, 2018

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